Despite high investment, geothermal heat pump pays for itself

My husband and I are very concerned about the environment and strive to lessen our impact.

We are conscientious about recycling and composting.

Whenever possible, we either ride our bicycles or take public transportation. When we saved up enough money to build our own home, taking advantage of green opportunities was a priority. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a geothermal system is the most environmentally responsible form of temperature control. Although this type of system is far more expensive than any other, it pays for itself through exceptional efficiency. A geothermal system consists of an underground loop system and a heat pump located inside the house. Because the heat pump is protected from the weather, it typically lasts around twenty years. The underground loop is warrantied for fifty years but can be expected to continue to operate reliably for up to a hundred years. The loop takes advantage of the relatively stable temperatures found underground all year round. It relies on the free energy provided by the sun and simply moves heat from one location to another. During the winter, it pulls heat energy out of the ground and pumps it into the home. In the summer, the system reverses direction, extracting heat out of the house to create a cooling effect. This process is 400% efficient. The system generates four units of energy for every one needed to operate the pump. We’re able to maintain ideal year round temperature for about a dollar per day. As an added benefit, the geothermal heat pump also supplements our water heating supply. We expect to recover the initial investment in under ten years.


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