Utilizing attic space

Have you ever owned a house with aParticularly big attic? My parents had a house with a big attic, plus it was actually was regularly genuinely cool to explore.

There were nice, big steps leading straight up to the attic, plus when you walked in, it was super costly plus quiet.

I regularly remember that I wished that I could make a living room in the attic. It would be so much greater than any living room in our house, plus I would have way more storage area than any other place. The only unfortunate thing about it is that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment wouldn’t work for you unquestionably well in the attic, then even though our attic is large and spacious, it was never made to be a room. It is not properly insulated, plus of course, even if it was, it would be hard to make into a room. During the long and hot summer, our attic regularly feels enjoy a gas furnace. It is sincerely boiling hot, plus it is almost unbearable. Though the people I was with and I have plenty of windows where the people I was with and I could put a small window air conditioning, I don’t assume that it would do a unquestionably nice task of cooling an area that has such bad airflow plus insulation. You likely would have to do a lot of work to that attic to make an air conditioning unit effective. On the other hand, while in the winter, the attic regularly feels exactly like the air conditioning is on full-blast! Our gas furnace doesn’t run all the way to the attic, which means that I would have to rely on a small area oil furnace to keep our entire attic warm.

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