Air conditioner malfunction at favorite restaurant almost ruins meal

When it comes to food, we all have different tastes.

  • My husband George and I usually like the same things.

We have a favorite restaurant we go to whenever there is something to celebrate. Sometimes we just need a good meal. It was right around our anniversary and we were hoping to celebrate with the family. It was surprising to arrive and find that the parking lot wasn’t as full as usual for a normal weekend at that time. Once we got seated and had our drinks, I noticed that the place felt slightly warmer than I would have preferred. I started fanning myself with the menu and wishing they’d turn up the air conditioner. When I asked the waitress about the lack of air conditioning, she admitted they were having some concerns with the cooling system. She said that the HVAC professional was onsite and already certainly working to repair the malfunction as fast as he could. It’s wasn’t all that enjoyable eating a hot meal with no air conditioning. We chose to stay because we really like the food. As it turned out, the temperature never got all that high.The technician was able to get the air conditioning up and running quite quickly. We overheard someone mention that the compressor had overheated from a buildup of dust. Lucky for us, a thorough cleaning of the cooling components solved the problem. By the time our meal was served, the air conditioning had brought the temperature down to a tolerable level. We were happy and enjoyed our meals. We were especially delighted when we were given a discount off the price because of the inconvenience of the cooling repair.

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