My Husband’s Team Does a Fitness Program

My husband is a middle school football coach as well as his team is drastically out of shape! During the Springtime semester, he busts their butts with drills.

He has those kids working on cardio all the time.

Every now as well as then he will let them enter the weight room to lift, but most of the time he just tries to get the kids in fine shape. It’s incredible how lazy kids are nowadays. I assume technology has entirely affected the athleticism in kids. My husband is not equipped to handle getting the team into shape either. He has begun working with a personal training center that offers middle school fitness programs. Over the Summer, he’s going to have his team go to the training center numerous afternoons for extra practice. They will do a group fitness class that then branches into small group workouts based on their positions. The personal trainer that will work with the boys is perfect. The trainer is a good looking girl in his early twenties. My husband’s pre-teen kids will really appreciate her. I assume they’ll all burst into high gear as well as want to impress her. I don’t assume they’ll want to fail, mess up or do any exercises wrong with her seeing it all. He seems to think it will be a lot of fun and the boys will learn new exercises. I hope this turns into a fine thing as well as that his team gets into shape. At the least, I hope the team has fun as well as build a rapport with each other.

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