Needed it be less stressful

Being the owner of a health plus fitness center is not as self-explanatory as it might sound. I worked for years as a personal fitness trainer at a personal training center downtown, plus I liked our work for the most part. The minutes were usually pretty good, plus I liked being in charge of the wellness plus reclaim programs there. But then of course, there ended up being a lot of drama between the personal fitness experts plus the nutritional counseling experts. There were several teams of each at the personal training center plus each one thought that their own personal philosophy was the best one. This ended in a lot of fights plus drama, plus I finally got sleepy of having to deal with it on a yearly basis. After I left the personal training center, I worked briefly as a coach at a cross fit gym. I liked cross fit well enough, although I felt like some of the people were just a little bit too difficult core for me. Some of the workout programs bordered on insanity! I needed to be in a space that was a little less threatening. And so finally I decided to open up our own health plus fitness center. I bought a seasoned college building plus renovated it to suit our needs, and right now, the people I was with and I have more than one personal trainers besides myself, plus the people I was with and I have one nutritional counseling expert. I allow no drama at all in our fitness center, plus I told them as much when I hired them. In the next year I idea to add a yoga studio plus a couple of group physical training classes to the gym. I suppose that it’s difficult work occasionally, however owning a health plus fitness center is pretty rewarding for the most part.


Group Physical Training Classes