Anxious to shut of air conditioner and open the windows

In my opinion, the best time of the year is almost here.

I am ready for the summer weather to end.

It’s been a long stretch of the same weather, day after day. I’m anxious for the fall season to arrive. I look forward to turning off the air conditioning and getting out from under the high utility bills. I enjoy the change of seasons. When the year is coming to a close, I get determined to accomplish things. The cooler weather is a great time walk, run and work outside. I enjoy seeing the colors of the leaves change. I can wear a light sweatshirt. The best thing about fall is probably the air quality. Because I’m able to open the windows, the house benefits from natural ventilation. After having it sealed up tight with the air conditioner running, there’s lots of dust, dander, bacteria, odors and other harmful contaminants trapped inside. The air conditioner circulates the debris through the duct system and spreads it through the house. Then my family breathes this air in and is at risk of health issues. The air outside is less polluted than most indoor environments. I know that it won’t be long before the outside air temperature drops down and forces me to start up the furnace. At that time, I’ll need to shut the windows and tighten up the house to prevent energy waste. Although I’ll make sure to have the furnace cleaned and serviced by a licensed professional, the house will still suffer from air quality concerns. There will be a lack of humidity that causes all sorts of problems. I even sleep better when the windows are open and I’m breathing in the outdoor air. I hope that the fall season is a long one with mild weather this year.

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