Coworker is suffering without a working air conditioner

It’s sometimes obvious when somebody is having a difficult time.

It’s my impulse to help in whatever way I can.

Mary, a co-worker of mine has been looking terrible lately. Every morning, for the past three weeks, she has come to work looking as if she hasn’t slept. Her clothes are wrinkled. Her hair is frizzy and there’s dark circles under her eyes. At first, I thought she might be coming down with something. Mary has even been slightly disorganized. I wouldn’t say she’s been in a bad mood. She’s still very nice and friendly, but it was clear that something was not right for her. Last Tuesday, I finally decided to find out what was wrong. Mary admitted that the air conditioner at her apartment quit three weeks ago. Since then, she’d been without access to a cooling system. Considering we are at the end of June, this is a bad time to be without air conditioning. She said that part of the problem was that all of the local HVAC dealers were busy with repairs and installation jobs. She still had another week to wait before the repair appointment. Mary said that the temperature in her apartment often climbed up into the eighties at night. She was having a lot of trouble sleeping. I invited Mary to stay with me until her air conditioner was up and running again. She was very thankful. Mary moved in with me for a week and enjoyed my air conditioning. We had such a great time together, we are planning to share an apartment when her lease runs out.

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