A Good Idea For A Warm Winter

Someone had said to me once, that if you do not keep an eye on the ductwork of your central heating and air conditioning system, it could cause you just as many issues as if the HVAC unit itself broke down! Well, I am a person who always listens to the advise of others.

So in light of this, I had my local heating and air conditioning company come to my home to do a really deep inspection of my ductwork before the Winter months begin.

Of course, I had them do the ductwork cleaning too. After the certified heating and air conditioning specialist was done with both the ductwork cleaning, and the ductwork inspection, he told me that it would be wise for me to have my ductwork sealed. There was some issues he had discovered, and said that if I did not get my ductwork sealed, then I am going to be paying some pretty high electric bills this year. When he told me this, I wasn’t sure if it was just him making a sales pitch to get some extra work or not. So, I told him I would get back to the HVAC company about the ductwork sealing, and I did some online research about it. It turns out that the heating and cooling specialist was not doing a sales pitch and was really trying to be helpful. I then called back the heating and air conditioning company and scheduled the HVAC appointment for the ductwork sealing right away! I thanked the HVAC specialist too for the energy saving tip!

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