I Can Not Believe This Bill I Got!

When I recently got my latest bill from the local heating and air conditioning company in the mail, I was ultra upset and angry! All I had done by these people was a standard HVAC tune up, as well as an air duct cleaning. And would you believe these crooks just charged me almost one thousand dollars? Something is not right here, as this should have been no more than a few hundred bucks! I am going to have to get on the phone with the local heating and air conditioning company to see what is going on. Not to mention, if they do tell me that this is all correct, I am not going to pay their rip off heating and cooling service bill! I will tell them to send it to a credit agency, and if need be, I will call my attorney if they want to make a really big deal out of it. I am so mad right now, that words can not explain it! I have not ever heard anything bad about this HVAC company, which is what steams me up even more! I guess writing about it at the current moment is a good way to release anger and stress. Because, if I was to talk to the HVAC company right now, I would probably say some things that I may regret later. Especially if I end up needing to take them to court over this. I could be overreacting, and everything may turn out fine. I hope that this is all just one big computer error on their part.


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