Staying In The Guest Room

Last month, I had went to go visit an old friend of mine on the east side of the country.

  • I live in the west.

Where I live, I am used to warm weather most of the year, so the cold I was hit with back east really was a shock to my system! I was staying the guest room of my old pal’s house, and I have to tell you, that room was freezing cold! Even with the central heating on, I felt like I was going to be sick! I mentioned this to my pal, and I jokingly said to him that he should call the local heating and air conditioning company and get HVAC zone control installed in his home just for me. My friend was laughing at the comment. After that, what he did do was pull this pretty nice sized space heater out from one of the closets, and gave it to me to plug in the guest room where I was sleeping. He said that the space heater was in his closet for times like this. I wish had known he had the space heater, then I would not have suffered on that first night! Moving forward, I was nice and warm from that nifty sized spaced heater my pal had. As much as I enjoyed visiting my old pal, I could not wait to get home back to the west, where the climate was much warmer. We rarely use our heating much in the Winter where i’m from. As a matter of fact, we use the central air conditioning sometimes in January!



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