The Local HVAC Market Crash

I just read a news story about the entire heating and cooling market in my city. There was some kind of a big business crash to where several HVAC businesses had to close due to financial issues. This was quite a shock to me, because in my city, the heating and air conditioning repair business is pretty high in the Summer time months. Because we have such drastic heat, many central air conditioning systems are working overtime, which causes the public’s HVAC units to always be breaking down for one reason or another. I actually feel bad for a lot of these mom and pop heating and cooling dealerships that had to close because of the HVAC market crash. But, I will say, on the flip side, before a lot of them went out of business, they had major sales on assorted HVAC products at dirt cheap prices. Kind of an “all things must go” sale. I took advantage of picking up a few space heaters and ductless mini split air conditioning systems to have on hand. I paid less than half off what they were worth! The sales were really crazy low prices to tell you the truth. I have never seen any kind of heating and cooling products get sold for this low of a price. It was almost like these heating and cooling dealerships were giving away the heating and air conditioning equipment! My best prayers and wishes for the mom and pop HVAC companies. I hope they find new ventures and new ways to make a living in other avenues of work.

HVAC repairman