Time To Break The Myth

There is the age old myth that if you leave your central air conditioning system on all the time, that you save energy use. That is a major load, and now it is time to break that myth! That is, if you haven’t figured it out for yourself already. Leaving your air conditioning running all the time really jacks up your energy use more than anything. Your electric bills should have showed you this as they did for me. Yes, I was dumb enough to believe that myth for a little while. After finding out the harsh reality, I was thankful to discover a new thermostat they have available called a smart thermostat! It is just what it says…a thermostat that is run on smart technology. I could have my air conditioning off while I am out of the house for any extended period of time. Then, I can either program the smart thermostat to come back on when I expect to arrive home, or, I could manually turn the air conditioning on while I am about to head home! That can be done through your cell phone via an app. That is the whole beauty of a smart thermostat! I can only imagine that the electric companies are probably angry as ever at the person who invented the smart thermostat! After all, with everyone having these great pieces of HVAC technology, the electric companies are not robbing people blind anymore! I think it’s absolutely awesome! And I am happy to have one of these things.

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