I like the furnace and my dog likes the AC

I own a big pet dog, as well as he doesn’t enjoy the weather that we’ve been having, even though it is fall.

The temperature has been really warm for fall. It was a hot summer and if you combine this with the fact that we’ve experienced more than four weeks of drought weather, then you’ll know why my dog, who prefers chillier temperatures, has been completely miserable. This is why I built him a shed for the summer. In the shed, I put an air conditioning unit through the wall, because my pet enjoys the cool air during the summer months. Separate from air conditioning, my dog lays around all day looking like he’s going to die. During the winter months, it’s a completely different story, but he lays outside in the snow as well as has an absolute blast! He doesn’t like the furnaces, as well as he would never want to stay inside where it’s too warm as well as stuffy. However, we can’t let him inside either way, regardless if we have the air conditioning or furnace running. He’s much too big and can be really destructive accidentally. This is why I built him a shed with working air conditioning. Ever since I purchased the air conditioning system for him, I’ve observed that he’s been a lot happier lately, plus he looks much healthier. In fact, the chillier that I set the air conditioning, the more comfortable he seems to be. It would be better for my dog if we resided somewhere up North where we didn’t need any air conditioning to stay cool. I could have my furnace, as well as he could have an AC system.


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