My dog loves the cooler temperatures

I have a big Native American dog, and she doesn’t love the weather that we’ve been experiencing.

  • Even though it’s fall, it has been an honestly warm fall after a warm summer.

If you combine this with the fact that the two of us have experienced various weeks of drought weather, then you can understand why my dog, who prefers the colder temperatures, is annoyed. This is why I built her a shed this summer. In her shed, I put a small air conditioner through the wall. She loves the air conditioner during the summer weather and without the air conditioner, she lays around the house and pouts. During the winter, it’s a completely different story. She’ll lay outside in the snow and have an absolute blast! She doesn’t like the furnace, and she’d never want to be trapped inside where she feels stuffy and too warm. However, the two of us can’t be inside anyway, regardless if the two of us have the furnace or our air conditioning running. She is a sizable dog and honestly destructive accidentally, so that’s why I’ve built her a shed with the air conditioner. Ever since I purchased the air conditioner for her, I’ve noticed that she has been a lot more active lately plus she looks healthier. In fact, the cooler that I set the air conditioner, the more comfortable that she appears to be. It would be better for her if the two of us lived up North where the two of us don’t need an air conditioner to stay cool! We’d love the furnace, but she loves the cooler air more.
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