Overuse of air conditioner in dentist’s office makes for uncomfortable experience

This past week, I had an appointment with the dentist. Although I absolutely hate going to the dentist, I force myself to have my teeth cleaned and checked once per year. The whole experience is always awful. First I need to drive a half an hour to get to the office. Then I’m left sitting in the waiting room for a very long time. Once the appointment is finally completed, my teeth hurt and I’m stuck paying an enormous bill. This past visit to the dentist’s office was worse than usual. It was the middle of July and the outside temperature was in the high eighties and very humid. I dressed in shorts, tank top and sandals and ran the air conditioner in the car. I was forced to park a considerable distance from the building and was quite sweaty after the walk. I was anxious to get inside. However, the dentist’s office was freezing cold. The air conditioner was blasting so hard that I started to shiver. I switched chairs in the waiting room three times but couldn’t escape the cold air pouring from the vents. I was left sitting in the waiting room for over an hour. By the time I was invited into the back room, I was downright angry. Maybe if the dentist would be a little more conservative with the thermostat setting, he wouldn’t need to charge so much for his services. I noticed that the entire staff was dressed in long pants and sweaters. In the middle of the summer, I hadn’t expected to need to wear a jacket. I made sure to complain and was very anxious to leave.



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