The energy company took a week

It’s actually amazing to me how slow utility companies are allowed to respond to consumer complaints.

I know that we live in a society where we are slaves to the major corporations that have become successful in this country, but it still shocks me every time I’m shown how indecent a modern business can be.

Recently, I was actually quite perplexed about the indoor air quality at my home. For several days, I noticed that it was feeling colder than expected. Every time I examined the thermostat, it seems like the central heating system was not living up to my expectations. The indoor air temperature wasn’t exactly cold, but it wasn’t heating up to the degree that I expected it to, either. I thought that there might be something wrong with the furnace so I spent several days messing around with the heating unit. Eventually, I called out a professional HVAC technician who inspected the be forced air furnace. Embarrassingly, he quickly reported that the problem wasn’t my heating and plumbing, but my gas wasn’t turned on. Apparently, the utility company had canceled my account and shut off the energy to my house. When I contacted the gas company and asked them to reconnect my account oh, they were not ready to bend over backwards and help me. Despite the fact that it was 30 degrees outside, they told me they weren’t able to get a service technician on site for at least a day. Well, over a week later, they finally managed to turn my gas back on. I’m glad to have heat, but I am extremely pissed about the additional fees.

a/c worker