Car rental prices are really cheap at Tampa International

My sister came to visit for a week in May.

It was her first time comking to Florida. I knew we would have a great time visiting some of the local sights in Tampa. My sister was going to drive, but she decided to take a flight instead. She scheduled her flight early, so she got a very good deal on the ticket price. She didn’t even have to pay any baggage fees, because they were running a special. My sister decided to rent a car from the Tampa International Airport. She secured a rental with a local Tampa company before boarding the flight to the Suncoast. When my sister arrived at the ticket counter, she found out that her car rental was already given to another customer. My sister found out that they were going to provide her with a very nice sports car for the same price. My sister was already paying a cheap price for the car rental, and she ended up with a convertible sports car for less than $11 each day. We used that convertible to drive all over Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg. My sister and I had a great time while she was here on vacation. We went to a couple of museums and parks, and we even found some time to go to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. I’m glad that my sister got a great deal on the Tampa car rental, because that left a lot of extra money for good food, fun times, and a lot of great memories. I hope she will consider coming to see me again next year.


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