Hiking around the park and almost get bit by a huge rattlesnake

My foot was only two feet away from the snake’s head, but it didn’t bite my shoe

My friends and I are no strangers to animals in the wild. We spend a lot of time hiking and mountain biking. Even though we don’t have a lot of forests and mountains in Florida, there is still a lot of unique to rain in the area. Sometimes we spend time on the beach. Sometimes we spend the afternoon riding around the city. There are a lot of great parks near our house in Bradenton, Florida. My friends and I have lived in Bradenton for a few years, and we visit the park every weekend. I’ve seen my fair share of snakes, lizards, birds, and even a few alligators. I know that Florida is known for having rattlesnakes, but I have never seen one in the wild until last month. My friends and I were hiking in a park near Bradenton, Florida. We stopped to take some pictures of a red-headed woodpecker. I tried to get a better shot by backing up a few steps. I didn’t turn around and look first, and it almost cost me my leg and possibly life. The rattlesnake started shaking its tail when I stepped on a stick. My foot was only two feet away from the snake’s head, but it didn’t bite my shoe. I moved away from the snake quickly and it slithered under a pile of brush. None of my friends got a picture of the rattlesnake, so no one believes us. I know what I saw and I know how close I was to having two snake fangs in my foot or leg.

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