Never trust a handyman to fix your air conditioner

When my central air conditioner stopped working, I immediately felt a sense of dread.

HVAC technicians charge people a lot of money to fix central air conditioners, and I knew that I had no choice but to call an HVAC technician and arrange for the loss of all of my savings money to get my air conditioner working again. The air conditioner stopped working in the middle of a family reunion, and I knew that there was only a small chance that the HVAC technician would be able to get the air conditioner working before the family reunion ended. I was about to call the HVAC technician when my cousin told me that he would definitely be able to fix my central air conditioner. I was hesitant because he wasn’t a certified HVAC technician, but he told me that he had fixed a lot of HVAC units at his house, and he would fix my central air conditioner for free. When he told me that he would fix my air conditioner for free, I was completely hooked. He grabbed all of the tools that I had and began taking the central air conditioner apart. His wife began talking to me while he was working, and she told me that he had only ever fixed one air conditioner before, and that had a melted cord. I grew nervous, but I had to trust my cousin to fix the air conditioner since he already started. I should have trusted my first instinct. Not only did he NOT fix my air conditioner, but he also managed to break a few pieces of the air conditioner while trying to get them off. I guess that I should call the HVAC technician now.

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