The air conditioner made my hotel room freezing cold

Have you ever had trouble with a broken air conditioner at a hotel? I know that I have had a lot of trouble with air conditioners at hotels.

Typically, when I go to a hotel room with a problematic air conditioner, the trouble is that I can’t get the air conditioner to turn on.

I have to go through the hassle of walking out to the front desk, explaining that the air conditioner won’t turn on, and getting a new room. However, this time, my air conditioner was running, but it was still broken. When I walked into my hotel room late a night, it was absolutely freezing. It was so cold in that room that it woke me up instantaneously. I immediately walked over tot he air conditioner and tried to adjust the thermostat. No matter how high I adjusted the thermostat, the air conditioner wouldn’t shut off. When I tried to power off the air conditioner, it just kept running. In fact, the only way to turn off the air conditioner was to unplug it, but whenever I plugged it back in, the air conditioner started doing the same thing, and it was a hassle. Now, I had to explain to the lady at the front desk that the air conditioner was broken because it was getting too cold. My trouble was that the air conditioner was working too well. Sadly, the only way to convince her that the air conditioner was working right was for her to see it not turn off, but it was still just an awkward situation. Thankfully, I still got a new hotel room.

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