A routine check up

They did an unbelievable job of cleaning the entire duct system

Our apartment is a very nice and clean area. This is fun for me to be able to move around without worry of dirt and debris. Clutter and dirt makes me crazy and I am not a good person to be around when I am like that. So, I take the lead in making particular our apartment is kept up. Now, I’m not an absurd germaphobes or anything like that. However, my kitchen floor gets mopped at least once a month whether it needs it or not. I make sure the heater and AC system is running respectfully in the summertime so mold and mildew don’t have the opportunity to grow. The garage is organized plus all the bathrooms are ready at all times. So, when I found some mice droppings in the middle of a single of the guest rooms, I almost lost it. First, I couldn’t figure out where the mice were. I have 2 cats who live inside plus would shred any mouse that tried to live in here. It happened again plus it finally dawned on me. The mice droppings were falling from the HVAC vent in the ceiling. This was not great. I called an exterminator and got the mice complication eliminated. However, she told me they got in my ducts in the attic. All of us sealed the entire attic to be sure no more mice got in. However, every one of us had to do something about the air ducts. I called a supplier who only cleans air ducts plus had them come out. They did an unbelievable job of cleaning the entire duct system. They also resealed all the air duct joints. It made an incredible difference in my home, I now want my ducts to be continually cleaned.


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