Learning where my money is escaping

I probably am not the right person for most household jobs, if I’m being honest.

My dad raised me to be a tool guy and I know he wanted me to be the kind of guy that could effectively maintenance any sort of household or automotive problem.

Unfortunately, I can tell you, that just never took. I am just so not the handy man nor do I truly appreciate tools plus gadgets. However, thanks to 1 of our handy neighbors who picks up the slack, I was able to be far cozier through the entire expanse of Winter time months while saving on Heating plus A/C costs. One warm fall day while both of us were enjoying a beer on our patio, I mentioned to my friend how I was dreading winter. Our house is heated through a furnace but, I never recognize entirely warm. There honestly seems to be a draft. I even called the Heating plus A/C corporation one time to check the Heating plus A/C to be sure that it was properly sized plus correctly operating as it should. The Heating plus A/C tech said our major problem was not Heating plus A/C oriented. I was telling our neighbor about this drafty issue when he jumped up plus sauntered over to his garage. He brought out a temperature gun and said all you had to do was point this thing plus it would tell you the exact temperature of that exact surface. Both of us started going around the entire beach house and attempting to find where Heating plus A/C was probably leaking out or cold was seeping in. I was stunned to find that there were such spots all around our house. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I was finally able to insulate all those areas. The results are astounding and the savings on the utility bill have been awesome.

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