Make sure the HVAC is clean

Well, I am that guy this week.

You know, that guy that fumbles so badly that you can only just giggle. I’m that guy who walks into a room in addition to obviously has no idea what he came into the room. So, he starts some random conversation about the HVAC setting to cover his tracks. It’s pretty pathetic. I never thought this would happen to myself and others but it has. My family doesn’t even wait to laugh behind our back anymore. At least they aren’t pointing in addition to laughing yet. I blame it all on the amount of information that just pours all over myself and others every single day. The constant daily activities and chores distract me. It just gets overwhelming for me to hold all this info inside of our brain. I just get lost and I abandon all of my daily responsibilities. I have resorted to a laminated little card that I keep in my pocket. This little card has a list of the yearly in addition to biweekly things that I am directly responsible for around the house. Without it, I totally bail on my chores. A good example is maintenance on our heating and cooling machines. This is an important component of our beach house that every one of us rely upon. So, I have to change the air filters every week. If I don’t the airflow is restricted to the HVAC unit in addition to it has to task harder. I also have to be sure that I am scheduling the seasonal repair so the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning stays in optimal shape. If I fumble on these chores, it will end up costing myself and others money.


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