Pay for the pro and save yourself the headaches

I have been silently dreading this day… however, it has happened plus I need to do what I need to do now.

The Heating plus A/C tech told me a couple of years ago that our massive heating plus cooling component was starting to fail. The existing Heating plus A/C had appreciate 14 years on it at that point. I knew that it was destined to fail. But, I sure could have done more to be a bit more prepared than I am now. Instead, I am faced with a dead Heating plus A/C unit. The old beach house was humid plus sizzling first thing this morning and for some reason I thought maybe someone left a window open. However, from that moment, it only took me a few minutes of being awake before I knew without a doubt that the Heating plus A/C component was done. I called the nearest Heating plus A/C people who sent out an Heating plus A/C worker who gravely confirmed what I already knew. An Heating plus A/C corporation showed up on my doorstep a half hour later to go over our options. Man, was that guy a godsend. He quickly came in the beach house with a “we got this” attitude that was totally comforting. It took only a few minutes for both of us to find an Heating plus A/C that would be great. The model both of us ultimately chose would also fit our budget. He then went to his truck plus brought in a few portable AC systems for free. It was a great experience.


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