My sister is running a different type of yoga class

I always knew that my sister was a successful personal trainer, but I was surprised when she said she started up her own yoga class.

She had her own yoga studio and everything.

I said that I would be interested in getting into one of her yoga classes. She talked to me about nutritional counseling and eating right before getting into advanced yoga classes. She also said it was possible that I would not enjoy her yoga classes. I felt a little bit offended like she just didn’t want me to be involved in her yoga classes, like I couldn’t handle it or something. She said it was nothing like I was thinking, it was the fact that she did nude yoga classes. My mouth almost dropped open when she told me about this. I asked if it was all females in the yoga class as well and she said it was co-ed classes. She also laughed and said their slogan was, “It’s all about getting your butt to the gym”. This was pretty funny, but on a serious note, I was curious about this nude yoga thing. I decided to get in there despite what she was saying. It was a little crazy but the yoga studio was surprisingly comfortable and the energy was great. I actually didn’t mind taking my clothes off in front of all these other people. It wasn’t like there were creepers in there or anything, you can tell with those kind of people. While a lot of the poses were challenging, I still did what I could and I felt nice and refreshed after the class. I told my sister that I wanted to continue with the nude yoga class.


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