Why can’t I get the AC to work?

I felt like an absolute idiot the other week.

I was trying to get the air conditioning to turn on at my sister’s place.

I had the thermostat turned low, but nothing was happening. It was so hot in the bedroom she had provided me, that I hadn’t slept all night. I was really worried because I was hoping the air conditioning wasn’t broken because that would be horrible. It felt cool and comfortable in the rest of the house, so I knew it was just my bedroom. I decided that it had to be the thermostat in the bedroom, that was broken. I was in a dilemma wondering if I should tell her about the thermostat, or act like nothing was wrong. My sister knew me better than anyone else and I was sure that she would notice something was wrong. I threw on some clothes and headed out to the kitchen to say good morning. She was flitting around the kitchen and stopped only to laugh at me when she saw me in my shorts and sleeveless shirt. She told me I looked like it was hot in the house. I couldn’t tell her about the air conditioning, but she cornered me. I had to tell her how hot it was in the bedroom. She bit her lip as she laughed again. She said that thermostat was shut off and she had forgotten to change the temperature in the room. She went over to her phone and punched in some buttons and we went back to the bedroom. Cool air was blowing through the air vents..

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