I Am in the Process of Buying A Whole New HVAC System

I own this awesome little lake house in a cool little town that is small, not too crowded.

I lived there for a fair few after I got divorced, but after that, I had to move closer to my workplace.

It took way too long to get to work, and was expensive to do all that commuting every afternoon so, eventually I began renting the little lake house out. Still, I am hoping to eventually retire back to to that lake house and community that I love. But at the moment I have something more pressing to think about, because the property manager tells me that I need a new cooling system and heater. In my neck of the woods, most folk have central heating and cooling, and I am no different. So, since my home has a Heating and A/C system that is over two decades old, I have some not so fun decisions to make. I can either replace what I have with what is basically the same type of thing, only newer, or I can look at some of the newer Heating and A/C technology and see if I like any of that. I am currently considering numerous things. There turn out to be lots of Heating and A/C advances available today. I am looking at a smart temperature controlling device. Smart temperature controls are pretty new and they learn your habits in order to run your cooling system heating system based on your own habits. I am also going to look at Heating and A/C with zone control; Heating and A/C with zone control will allow me to use the cooling system only in the rooms that are being lived in at the time. And I can buy Heating and A/C zone control with or without cooling system sensors.Needless to say here are a lot of choices around and there may even be more soon by the time I know what I want.


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