My House Needs a New A/C so I am Looking at New HVAC Technology

I own this cute little house in a cute little neighboring town that is small and not overly crowded.

I lived there for seven years after I got divorced, but after that, I had to move closer to my workplace.

It became too time consuming and expensive to do all that commuting every day just to get to work. So, I began renting my little house out, but I am hoping to one day retire and move back into my cute little house in my cute little town. As it stands right now, though, the property manager tells me I need a new a/c and heater. In our neck of the woods, most of us have central heating and cooling, and I am no exception. So, since my house’s HVAC system is two decades old, I have some decisions to make. I can simply replace what I have with the same thing, only newer, or I can look at some of the newer HVAC technology and see if I want to use any of that. I am truly considering several things. There are lots of HVAC advances available these days. I am looking at a smart thermostat for example. Smart thermostats seem to learn your habits and run your a/c and heater based on your own individual needs. I am also looking HVAC with zone control. HVAC with zone control allows you to use the a/c only in the rooms that are being used. YOu can get HVAC zone control with or without a/c sensors. There are probably several other options, as well, that I will be considering.

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