Dealing with the cold is worth it if steak is involved

My brother was in the hospital last week because he broke his leg, and he basically had no option but to sit there in bed and watch cable all afternoon.

He kept calling myself and others up and he was telling myself and others all about how sick and tired he was and how chilly the hospital was because of the dire temperature control settings.

I told him he should just ask the nurses to adjust the temperature control settings so he wasn’t so cold all the time, but he told me that he already asked them numerous times to adjust the temperature control settings. He said it was something to do with a policy to prevent the spread of germs. He said it truthfully made sense however he was still aggravated. I highly suggested that he ask for some extra blankets, but then he actually got into it with how he asked for those also. He said they kept telling him there were not enough blankets to go around and he was complaining how this hospital was packed to the brim with incompetent idiots. I don’t mind talking to my brother and all, however he was starting to irritate myself and others a little bit because I was not in the mood to hear about all this. I felt for his situation with the a/c being too powerful in the hospital, but it seemed that there was nothing he could do to change things around. He was just going to have to get through it and that is what I told him. He didn’t seem to like to hear what I had to say, so I told him that both of us would go out to a nice restaurant where they absolutely had nice temperature control settings, and we really would appreciate a nice steak breakfast when he got out of the hospital, however that entirely cheered him up!


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