Artisan lofts look so cool

In my city there are a lot of loft places to rent. I have looked at apartments, condos and rental homes. I have found that I genuinely prefer the look of artisan lofts though. An artisan loft has tall ceilings with exposed HVAC duct. Typically there is a staircase leading to an exposed bedroom. The lower level is the living room and residing room area. The lofts are wide open and consistently with great views of the city. I have also found that artisan lofts for rent are not that much money either. There is one particular loft right in the center of the town that I want. There is a big kitchen island that you can use as a table, cutting board and storage space all in one. The living room section is the perfect size to put a couch and a TV, however still have lots of room leftover to do a work out in. The upstairs bedroom space is directly across from a giant window giving a view of the park. It looks so neat, classy and cool. Next, since the artisan loft is placed right in the city, there are tons of shops, stores and bars nearby. I would not need to worry about a truck due to simple access to everything. I could simply ride a bicycle everywhere and store it inside of my loft. I don’t know if I am nearly trendy or cool enough to rent an artisan loft, although I genuinely want to try it out though!


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