I have too many problems with my A/c system

The two of us had a relationship that ended very abruptly.

The two of us fought a lot a lot of things as well as I absolutely thought that things were going okay.

The two of us seem to have a bunch of arguments about the heat pump, ventilation, as well as cooling machine. I didn’t really think it was genuinely going to be the reason that she left, but that was one of the biggest things that she stated. She said that the two of us could never last because we did not have the same temperature values as well as there was no way that we could agree on the use of our heating as well as cooling machine. The two of us wanted to prove her wrong, but she never gave us a chance. The two of us genuinely took that to her as well as immediately decided to hire someone to make sure that we had a good system. It turns out that I had a lot of issues with the heat pump, ventilation, as well as cooling machine. I was awfully glad that she made a big stink about the system, because the two of us ended up getting an air purifier for free when we upgraded all of the system. That air purifier comes in handy now that there are some viruses out in the air. Sometimes it seems like things just immediately work out just the way that they should as well as it could be just the reason to end the right relationship.

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