Incubator set up was good motivation for me

The company I work for honestly motivates the workers by the offices.

When I first started out I was in an incubator office set up. There was a long table with chairs in front of each computer screen. 6 people would be seated at the table on one side with 6 people across from them. I could not move my hands or feet without hitting someone next to myself or in front of me. It was sort of an awful experience. A lot of the workers would text off the computers to people just a few seats down. Most men and women would take personal calls and talk right next to my ear. I worked genuinely taxing to move from an incubator office to an actual office setup. Two promotions after this I was able to get my own office space away from everyone. I have my own desk, chair and window. I can shut the door on everyone and the blinds to keep them from seeing me. I can take phone calls where no one can hear and stretch my legs out without hitting my neighbor. Most people think I was a suck up and that is how I moved up so fast in the corporation ladder. I honestly just worked a lot to get where I am at because I hated sharing a workspace with so many people. I bet the company does incubator offices for rent to motivate people and also save cash on office space rental costs.

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