John was a crabby old A/C repair guy

The two of us met an old-timer when the two of us were in our teens. The two of us saw this junkyard with a pitbull outside as well as I seem to have some of the coolest items. Of course they had about a hundred different types of classic cars as well as an abundance of other items. They even had heating, ventilation, as well as AC machines. In fact, the guy had an entirely large pile of old heaters, furnaces, AC units, as well as air purifier. When I finally got up the nerve to talk to the guy, I found out that the guy’s name was John. He spent a lifetime being an AC repair guy as well as a mess whose junkyard was cool. The two of us used to spend some afternoons at the guy’s place as well as the two of us eventually learned a lot of information about a seized as well as heating products. The two of us soaked up all of the information that John would provide as well as the two of us learned that he was an AC repair guy that spent 40 years in the military. The two of us never thought that heating, ventilation, as well as cooling machine guys would be necessary in that field, so the two of us learned a great deal of information. The two of us were sad when that crabby old-timer finally died as well as went to heaven. The two of us knew we were going to miss him immensely. The two of us were quite surprised to receive a call one day that we were now going to be the owners of that junkyard as well as the junkyard job.

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