The junkyard is all mine too

When I was much younger, I spent a lot of time out of bed. I had a junkyard of an ancient old-timer that my buddies constantly heckled. The guy had a lot of cool stuff like ancient classic cars, old refrigerators and other appliances, and even heaters and air conditioners. The guy I absolutely retired from the military and then he spent 20 years working on his heating and AC issues. I was asked by the guy to teach myself plus some others how we could task on the same cooling and heating plans. It seemed sacred to him and we talked about respect for technology. He absolutely took myself and some others directly under his wing so he could teach us all about Heating and Cooling in the different weird tasks. When I was 18, I could fix a heater or an air conditioner and almost any other type of electronic equipment. I eventually found a job working with a heating and cooling company and I made some Hefty profits. About five years ago, that old-timer passed away and left the entire junkyard and everything else to me. I thought it was an honorable decision and I was completely humbled to take on all of his stuff. I consistently believed it would be absolutely wonderful to have this type of junkyard and I was ultimately surprised to receive that in his will. I am going to continue doing business just the way he would, kind of love a nice Legacy. I think it’s a great way to say thank you.


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