Drinking water during workouts

I don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

I don’t particularly like water, and I tend to get dehydrated.

I’ve had some real problems with headaches because of this. On a few occasions, the headaches have gotten so bad that I thought I might throw up. I needed to lie down and I suffered from chills, body aches and even fever. All of these symptoms were caused by dehydration. I’ve actually passed out several times. I understand the importance and benefits of drinking plenty of water. I make sure to carry a water bottle with me at all times, but I often neglect to drink out of it. I have finally come up with a plan to make sure that I at least drink one bottle of water per day. Every morning, I workout for approximately an hour. I usually switch the type of exercise I’m doing with every song on my playlist. I now take a drink of water between every change of exercise and song. After I complete a set of lunges and squats, I drink a few sips of water. Following my series of stretches, I reach for the water bottle. I drink the entire bottle before the end of the workout. If it’s a particularly strenuous training session, I’ll sometimes drink two bottles. I’ve gradually gotten myself accustomed to the habit of drinking water while I workout. I’m hoping to continue this habit throughout my day. Although I would prefer to drink ice tea, coffee, wine or beer, I know that water is a better and healthier choice. I am willing to do just about anything to avoid the terrible headaches I get from dehydration.


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