Having the heater up for my bird

Anyone who knows me knows I HATE hot weather.

I cannot express the utter disdain I have for any kind of hot weather, especially summer.

When people look forward to summer and all of the fun activities you can do, all I see is sweat, sweat and more overheating. I prefer doing all fun activities in the fall, when it’s nice and cool and not horribly hot. Recently, I have bought a pet parakeet from the pet store, and while I absolutely love my air conditioning system, my bird does not. I noticed multiple times when coming into my room that my bird would be shaking from the cold. I turned my cooling system down a bit, and that didn’t help much. I really didn’t want my bird to be cold, but I really don’t want to go without the air conditioning unit as well. I tried turning off the a/c machine for a few days, and while my bird was back to being happy, I was hot and grumpy. I decided to move my parakeet’s cage into a more secluded warmer corner of my home, and this seemed to do the trick. My parakeet was no longer in front of the a/c vents and was now chirping happily and no longer shivering. I, on the other hand, was able to keep my AC system on and feel the cooling breeze throughout my home. Now that I have the heating and cooling issue out of my way, I might go and buy my little parakeet a friend!


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