HVAC shop theft

Lately, there has been a lot of theft from HVAC stores and with heating and cooling systems at people’s homes.

Since I was an owner of a HVAC parts store, I wanted to keep a close eye out in case the thief decides to make an appearance at my store.

It seems like the thief has been targeting copper in the actual air conditioning unit, or nabbing the transportable air conditioning systems, and then turning around and selling them. As I figured, the thief eventually made an appearance at my store. It started when I noticed a sketchy guy checking out my store. I made a mental note to keep an eye on this person in particular. It seemed like he hovered around the transportable a/c system, and he also kept looking around to make sure he wasn’t being watched. He eventually left without buying anything. A week passed without incident, and just as I had started to let my guard down, he struck. I was alerted to my alarm system which is also connected to my phone, going off in my heating and cooling store. I rushed all of the way there, and sure enough the alarms were blaring and police were already there. I checked my inventory and thankfully nothing was stolen, the thief probably ran away as soon as the alarms and lights started going off. The police eventually caught the thief after he got stuck in another person’s yard stealing copper, and my suspicions were correct, it was the same man from my store.

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