Scary experience as security guard

I work as a security guard at a HVAC shop, and for the most part my job is pretty boring and unassuming.

  • I arrive around midnight, patrol around the general building and outside, then I usually sit in my car in the darkness and just look out for suspicious activity.

I have been working here for over a year, and nothing interesting really happens, that is until yesterday. Yesterday was like any other day, I arrived at midnight and started doing my normal patrol. Everything seemed normal and not out of place until I started walking towards the back room. The back room was mostly used by staff and the owner for storage, and wasn’t used all that much. I’ve gone back there multiple times and the only thing interesting they have back there is a few older models of air conditioning systems. As I approached the door, I noticed it was cracked ever so slightly open. This was definitely odd, as this room was rarely used. With my guard up, I approached with caution. As I shined my light into the room, I saw a shadow duck behind one of the air conditioners. Now knowing someone was in there, I shut the door firmly and called the police. Before the police got here, I heard a crash and I peered into the room. The window was broken and the guy was using the a/c unit as a stepping stool to climb out of the window. I chased after the man, but he managed to get away. When the police arrived, I gave a general description of what he looked like, and we reviewed the security footage, but unfortunately the man was never caught.