Trying Pilates and loving it

I’ve gained definition of muscles and improved my posture

After twisting my ankle last summer, I got determined to increase my flexibility and improve my coordination. I researched different types of exercise programs and decided to try a Pilates class at my local gym. I absolutely love the class, and after two months, I’ve noticed a change in both my appearance and overall mood. Pilates is quite similar to yoga in that it incorporates a series of movements that concentrate on core strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Following the belief that physical and mental health are closely connected, Pilates has shown to benefit general fitness as well as overall quality of life. What I really like about Pilates is that anyone, of any age or fitness level can participate. The controlled and progressive movements work to reshape the body and are rewarding for both men and women. It involves carefully regulating breathing and makes use of internal resistance to tone the muscles. Although I’ve always been a bit unsteady, a few weeks of Pilates made a huge difference. I noticed a greater stability and was able to gradually accomplish the more complex moves. This style of exercise also engages the mind. I need to always be aware of the way the movements flow from one to another and work the body as a whole. I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I was able to hold the plank position and other core exercises for an extended period and achieve better form. I’ve gained definition of muscles and improved my posture. My mobility and flexibility has improved, increasing my range of motion.


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