My brother has some excellent HVAC components in his new barber shop

I was really proud of my brother when he started up his own business. He actually opened up a little barber shop. He has always been skilled when it comes to cutting hair, and this is something he always dreamed about. He worked long and hard to raise the money to invest in this little barber shop, and now he was finally able to get it all together. I remember he asked me if I had any suggestions, and I told him that people would really appreciate good temperature control settings and good air quality. He thought about that and he had an HVAC company install some excellent HVAC components. He had a humidifier installed, a UV air purification system, and he uses HEPA air filters for his HVAC unit. When I went to get my haircut at his place, I was very impressed with the amazing air quality. He was telling me how he actually got a really good deal on the HVAC components he had installed because the HVAC company was having a special for new customers. He said he was able to get everything installed for 50% off and he also enrolled in a good HVAC service plan so that everything could be maintained regularly for a low cost. The inside of his barber shop is so comfortable and I even felt a little jealous that even my own home didn’t feel so nice. I told him he would have to get me the number for the HVAC company providing the special, because I could use some better HVAC components in my home.


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