He sure caught me off guard

I can recall the other day, I was shocked when I was talking to our buddy! His air quality was great in his house, plus I mentioned that he must have the Heating and A/C specialists come over often to take care of his Heating plus A/C unit That’s when he said that he declared independence from his Heating and A/C dealer a long time ago! I didn’t understand what he was telling me at the start, but he clarified.

  • He said that he was sick plus tired of paying all this hard earned money to the Heating plus A/C dealer plus so he decided to learn about how to job on heating and cooling systems.

He basically studied DIY Heating plus A/C repair and repair videos plus he l acquired everything he could about working on heating plus cooling systems. He started working on his own Heating plus A/C plus he acquired that he was able to upgrade the old Heating plus A/C parts. He said it is pressing to use OEM parts that are constructed for the Heating plus A/C component plus are made to last. I was in complete and total disbelief and I even brought up something that I thought was pressing. I asked him if he was worried about voiding his warranty for his Heating and A/C because a non-professional working on the Heating plus A/C would cause that to happen. He let me recognize that he wasn’t stressed out about that because he had a pretty wonderful grasp about what he was doing. He even said that I should declare independence from our Heating plus A/C dealer plus save cash. I more or less just said that I would have to pass on that because I’m not entirely skilled with working on machines, plus I didn’t want to void our warranty.


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