Left and Right

Election years can bring out the worst in people.

Each side is so sure that their views are correct and that the other side is dead wrong and probably insane.

Both accuse the other of falsehoods and will use neutral statistics to make a point that favors their views. Both sides claim to be advocates for the downtrodden but deny that gaining power and money is a core political objective. The result is lost friendships, strained family relationships, and in rare cases acts of violence. To avoid that, I suggest using HVAC to discuss politics from those of either side. To my knowledge, a well-maintained HVAC system keeps people of all backgrounds comfortable so the topic of racism or even immigration need not be discussed. No need to have a complicated argument about health care being a right or a privilege. Discuss instead if HVAC maintenance should be subsidized or not. The conversation will likely end quickly with no emotional stories of uninsured people and because everyone knows that HVAC systems break down if they are not properly taken care of. In the past, climate change activists would become enraged about the damage caused by HVAC but even that is going away due to new technologies and the emergence of more eco-friendly refrigerants. Discussing HVAC technology and the basic heat cycle are perfect ways to introduce how education in our schools and universities can be improved. HVAC can’t help with some issues like gun control, police brutality, and taxes but at least it can provide a comfortable environment to have a meaningful discussion free of angry rhetoric. Too bad I still can’t figure out how to convince my sister that her views are completely wrong using a clever HVAC analogy.


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