I don’t understand HVAC technicians

I do not understand the HVAC technicians that work for my HVAC company.

I am the owner of a large HVAC company, and I have to hire a lot of HVAC technicians.

I can tell you from experience that not all of the HVAC technicians that I have working for me in the HVAC company are normal people. I have a few HVAC technicians in the HVAC company that I would feel are normal. These HVAC technicians are the kinds of guys that I would hang out with outside of the HVAC company. However, most of the HVAC technicians in the company that I have hired are strange. The reason that most of the HVAC technicians are already strange is that a lot of them are previous drug users. I do not know why, but it seems that HVAC companies tend to draw that sort of crowd. Now, I have a very strict rule for people that work for my HVAC company. We do regular drug tests, and we constantly check for drugs. If you are caught with drugs one time while working for my HVAC company, you are fired. There is no warning for my HVAC technicians. However, I have never had a problem with drugs in my HVAC company. A lot of these HVAC technicians were drug users who quit. They have a hard time finding a job, and I do not mind hiring people that are looking to turn their life around. However, these HVAC technicians do not act regularly. I am afraid that the drugs have changed how they think. They are still great HVAC technicians though.


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