Preparing the chicken coop for the winter months

It wasn’t so long ago when my wife and I decided to get a chicken coop. We basically just wanted to have fresh eggs so we didn’t have to go to the store all the time to get eggs. I thought it would be great having fresh eggs all the time, and so we figured having chickens would be wonderful. I actually had a buddy of mine help me with the chicken coop. He said that we also had to think ahead with the winter season. He talked about how we needed a proper heating system for the chicken coop so the chickens didn’t freeze to death. I was thinking that maybe I would get some kind of ductless mini split for the chickens, but my friend laughed when I said that. I thought it would be great because the ductless mini split worked great in our home and kept us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Well, my buddy told me there were speciality heaters for chicken coops and they weren’t nearly as expensive as a ductless mini split. He said that was basically overkill for a small chicken coop like we had. He explained if we had a huge living space for the chickens, then maybe that would be appropriate for a ductless mini split, but since we had this small chicken coop, all of that was unnecessary. So I ended up getting the small chicken coop heater system which was nothing fancy, but it worked very well. We had it set on a timer and we even hooked up a solar panel on the roof to cover the electric usage of the heating system. Everything worked perfectly and the chickens were comfortable.
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