The HVAC repair worker lit up a marijuana joint after fixing the A/C system

When we were having trouble with our cooling system, I decided to search online for some repair workers. I was hoping to find an HVAC worker who was certified to work on HVAC systems, but I wasn’t able to find anybody like that on the site I was using. I knew that it was going to be expensive to go through the HVAC company. So I ended up settling for this repair worker who claimed to know how to work on HVAC systems and he seemed to have a lot of experience. So I had the guy come over to work on my cooling system. I was surprised when he showed up because he was wearing a tye-dye shirt and he looked sort of like a hippie. I wasn’t trying to be judgemental or anything, I just wanted to have my HVAC system working again. He got to business right away and said he needed to check out the thermostat first and then he looked over everything else. He actually was quick to find what seemed to be the problem, which was an issue with the outdoor A/C condenser unit. He shut off the power to the A/C condenser unit and opened it up. He cleaned everything out really well and he also swapped out the motor for the fan. When he was finished and showed me that the A/C was working great, I was really happy. When I was getting ready to pay him for his services, he asked if I minded that he smoked. I didn’t have a problem, but I was shocked when he pulled out a marijuana joint and lit it up. He saw the look of surprise on my face, and then he said he had a valid prescription. I didn’t mind, I was just happy that he fixed our A/C for a reasonable price.


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