We have a really nice hydronic heating system in our new home

When my wife and I decided to buy a new home, we found a residence that I really loved that had a boiler system.

The whole home was equipped with hydronic heating which we thought was really nice.

This particular hydronic heating set up used baseboard heaters which were hooked up to the boiler system. The beautiful thing about this hydronic heating set up is that it is extremely energy efficient. With the energy efficient boiler system, we realized that we would have low cost maintenance bills for our heating system along with low energy bills. We also would be perfectly warm through the course of the winter with such a nice heating system in our home. To compliment this excellent heating system, the house also came with a fireplace. We honestly can’t wait to use the fireplace, that is after we have a chimney sweep clean it out and make sure it is ready to go for the winter season. The only real downside to this home is the fact that the place doesn’t have a cooling system. Because we bought the home towards the fall season, we figured that we had plenty of time to save up enough cash to invest in a nice cooling system after the winter season. We are currently looking into numerous cooling options, including a ductless mini split A/C system. They say that ductless mini splits are entirely energy efficient and we wouldn’t have to worry about messing with expensive ductwork. I think that will likely be our best option moving forward.



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