He’s not in shape to do it anymore

I have a vacation destination that I have wanted to do for years.

I need to fly around 8 hours to a foreign country and at least spend two weeks there. I will need to rent a car in order to drive to all the major cities. While on vacation there are tons of physical activities I want to do. I figured out that in order to see the best sights and landscapes, you need to hike. The shortest hike is around three miles. One of the better hikes takes 10 hours and you need to climb up a part of a mountain. I also want to paddle board or kayak through fjords. I additionally plan to rent ATVs and also bike through the city. Needless to say, it is going to be a very physical trip. When I first got together with my boyfriend I talked about it with him. He was excited to go but we didn’t have the money. I have been saving and now, three years later, the two of us can go. My boyfriend has seriously let himself go in those years. I don’t think he can hike even a mile now. There is no way he could stand up on a paddle board or pull his own weight in a kayak. I don’t want to do the trip and not do it right. If he can’t physically keep up with me, the whole vacation will be ruined. How sad is this, I am debating on asking my mother to go with me instead. She goes to the gym daily and is in way better shape than my 28 year old boyfriend.

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