How I got into professional cleaning

I got into the professional cleaning industry all on accident.

During private school, I cleaned houses to earn extra money to buy a car! I started with my nana’s apartment and some friends of my parents.

By the time I graduated, I was just about working full-time. I’d saved up enough cash to invest in a van with my business logo on the side plus some professional equipment. At first, I got purchasers strictly by word-of-mouth, however, I soon realized that if I wanted to expand, I’d need to advertise. At about that same time, I started looking for staff to hire. I was finding it hard to keep up with the number of jobs plus had begun to get commercial purchasers! Once I took on the cleaning needs of several local hotels, pizzerias plus a clothing boutique, I had added my staff to 13 employees plus added a second van. Over the years, I’ve steadily offered new items such as property management, paper supplies plus basic landscaping. I now have 5 trucks plus I no longer work in the field. I keep busy in the office. There are tons of papers involved with the cleaning business. Along with invoices, I keep track of our supplies, handle payroll, maintain the cars, stay new with local regulations plus work on marketing! While my bigger cleaning corporation is way more profitable, it’s also more time-consuming plus upsetting. I occasionally miss those days when I just showed up at a person’s apartment and handled their basic cleaning requirements.