How to keep a carpet clean

I own and operate a professional carpet cleaning company.

Regular professional carpet shampooing is the greatest way to keep residential plus commercial rugs wash plus in superb condition! Between professional washing, there are ways to keep floors looking plus feeling their best.

I always suggest that homeowners trim their dog’s nails plus claws plus keep them consistently groomed. This cuts back the amount of shedding plus dirt they might track across the carpet. It also avoids nails and claws pulling on carpet threads and fibers. Investing in an air filter or air cleaner for the whole apartment or building is also a superb idea. These systems will capture the freeform dust plus dirt, preventing contaminants from settling into the carpet plus keeping the whole indoor environment cleaner and fresher. I suggest checking the window plus door screens of the home. If the mesh of the screens has big openings, upgrade them with screens with a smaller mesh to keep airborne dust, pollen, bugs plus other debris outside. It’s a superb idea to have the exterior of the residence or building power washed frequently. Built-up dust plus grime outside can honestly become airborne plus penetrate the indoors, settling onto carpets plus other areas. Make sure to change the a/c plus gas furnace filters every six weeks plus schedule professional duct cleaning every couple of years. All sorts of debris get trapped in the HVAC ducts plus can spread throughout the indoor air quality every time the heating or cooling plan starts up.
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