I didn’t think our home could be fixed, but I was wrong

When I bought our forever residence I was amazed at the amount of wood in it.

I had wood ceilings, walls, trim, baseboards plus the carpets were actually brown.

I hated that the residence looked colonial. It even came with an ancient wood stove plus wallpaper with houses on it. I knew I needed to make the residence look more modern! The real issue is that I don’t absolutely have an eye for interior design. Instead of spending a bunch of money on furniture plus pillows that I might not appreciate in a few weeks, I called in the professional. I was actually stunned that the person loved our residence. She kept telling myself and others that the place had excellent bones or a good canvas to task with. I didn’t agree with her, I thought our residence looked like a place from the 70s plus couldn’t be fixed. The interior designer got to work right away on the theme rustic meets traditional. She wanted to keep some of the wood touches while adding a current flair. I gave her entirely uninterrupted work while I stayed in our rental residence that I had a few weeks left on the lease. When it was time for myself and others to finally move in, I got to see the final product. Rustic meets traditional is a truly nice theme. The interior designer kept our wood ceilings however sanded plus painted our wood walls pale white. There is no longer carpet, however grey/cement style tile. I have all new ceiling fans, curtains plus furniture in the space too! Yes, the cost was way up there… However, I was lucky that I actually needed to do no work on my own plus our residence is perfect.

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